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The Sisters Four

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Leo Wyatt

Leo Wyatt

As a whitelighter/elder, Wyatt has the ability to orb (teleport in bright lights) to many places. He has a telepathic sense of location and of hearing his charges (those he guides) and can heal them. He is practically immortal, but he can die from an arrow of a darklighter, as can all other whitelighters.

Leonardo Wyatt is the son of a Christopher Wyatt. Leo Wyatt was born May 6th, 1924 in San Francisco.

Leo was once a medical doctor for the US army in World War II. He was married once, to a woman named Lillian. He died in battle and became a whitelighter for his good deeds. Leo is a pacifist, dissalowed by the Elders to kill. Leo has watched over many of his charges: those who were future whitelighters and good witches. After his death, he went to Lillian and told her to move on with her life.

Leo had befriended Penny Halliwell and Allen Halliwell. One of his fellow trainees was a woman named Natallie, who Leo became good friends with.

Because he wasn't supposed to reveal himself as a whitelighter Leo got a job from the sisters as a handyman fixing up their old house. Phoebe and Piper immediately became attracted to him.

As Leo worked on their house, Piper and Phoebe competed for his attention. Piper invited him for dinner at Quake to look over stain samples to refinish the wood in the house.

Although Piper and Leo started dating and consumated their relationship, he had to leave her since relationships were not allowed between witches and whitelighters.

Because of the rule of not falling in love with his charge, Leo was forced to be given another charge. Leo has watched over and guided the Charmed Ones on many occasions.

Phoebe then discovered him using his levitation to change a light bulb and he confessed to being their guardian angel and that he loved Piper. Because romantic involvement between witches and Whitelighters is forbidden he had to leave them.

When Leo returned injured by a darklighter's poison arrow, attempting to protect his charge Daisy, Piper learned he was a whitelighter. Piper used a spell to switch powers with Leo, so she could heal him while Phoebe and Prue protected Daisy and vanquished the darklighter. Although Leo offered to give up being a whitelighter to be with Piper, she didn't want him to give up his calling.

Piper had went to the future with Phoebe and Prue and learned that Leo and Piper were married and now divorced, and they had a daughter named Melinda Halliwell.

Piper started a romance with her new neighbor Dan Gordon.

Leo broke the rule of not reviving the dead when he saved Piper from a deadly disease. Because of that, Leo was suspended from being a whitelighter for at least three months.

Leo eventually earned his wings back as well as Piper's heart. He proposed to Piper to marry him when they got back from the Whitelighter Dimension.

In order to save Piper Prue killed her and had Terra possess Leo, forced Terra use her alchemist powers to revive Piper, then with the Power of Three the sisters were able to vanquish the essence from Leo.

A warlock named Eames was killing many witches and other supernatural beings to reach his great goal. A whitelighter named Natalie went to Leo and the Charmed Ones for help. Phoebe had confided in Leo that she didn't really vanquish Cole. The whitelighter elders were so happy with the Charmed Ones performance against Eames they lifted their probation on Leo and allowed him to be engaged to Piper.

The ceremony was performed by Grams' and Phoebe Halliwell, Prudence Halliwell, Victor Bennett, Patricia Halliwell, Cole Turner, and Darryl Morris witnessed that moment.

Leo and Piper had their powers swapped by their unborn baby for a short time, until they learned to appreciate how hard each other's lives are.

Leo once impersonated a criminal named Jeric to help Darryl with a case.

In Cole's alternate reality, Leo and Piper are divorced.

Piper had gave birth to their son, Wyatt Matthew Halliwell.

Piper named the baby Wyatt after Leo for being his super protective daddy.

When Piper and Leo's arguing began affecting Piper's powers, Phoebe suggested that they visit a marriage counselor. Piper cast a spell that allowed them to relive the good and difficult times during their relationship, which reminded them of why they got married. But as well as reaffirming their relationship, the session allowed them to realize that they had issues to work out.

Leo was later promoted to be an Elder, and as an Elder, had to leave his family behind. However, he manages to watch over them, especially his son as he was given rights to visit him. However his appointment cost him his marriage to Piper. Chris Perry, the whitelighter from the future, had took his place as the CHarmed Ones' new whitelighter.

Since Piper and Leo's parting, Piper had become increasingly happy. Alarmed by her change in attitude Paige and Phoebe told Chris to ask Leo about Piper, but Chris admitted that Leo had been kidnapped. When Paige and Phoebe told Piper that Leo was missing, she was oddly unaffected by the news, not really remembering their parting. But when the sisters finally found Leo, Piper's memories came flooding back. She demanded to know why she did not remember Leo leaving her, and Leo told her that he used his powers to make her forget and not feel as much pain. Not wanting to face the pain and anger she felt toward Leo, Piper became a Valkyrie. Phoebe and Paige confronted Piper, using a spell to make Piper feel her suppressed emotions. Once confronted with her pain, Piper realized that she did not belong with the Valkyries and returned home. Leo apologized to Piper for taking away her feelings. Piper said that she understood that he was only trying to help, but she told him that since he was still an Elder she would appreciate his keeping his distance so that she might move on with her life.

Even though Piper tried to distance herself from Leo, she realized how much Leo missed Wyatt and how much Wyatt missed his daddy, so she told him that he could visit as much as he wanted when she was not around. But much to Leo's disappointment, Piper asked him for a divorce when she started to date again.

When a demon used the power of a genie to wish the Charmed Ones dead, Leo's connection to Piper saved the sisters. Even though he and Piper were in a magically-induced sleep, Leo heard Piper's cries for help when her spirit began to move to the afterlife and he healed her. This incident drew Piper closer to Leo, as she was reminded of her connection to him.

After Leo and Piper were trapped in the Ghostly Plane, the two had a moment and Piper got pregnant with their second child. The second child happened to have been Chris.

When Leo finally found out that Piper was pregnant again and Chris was their son, he decided that his place was to stay with his family. Trying to absorb the situation, Leo took his time in approaching Piper about the impending birth of their son and the future of their relationship. While Piper admitted that she thought about them becoming a family again, she tried not to because things had not changed—Leo was still an Elder.

When Leo learned that his mentor Gideon was after Wyatt and that Gideon killed Chris, he avenged his son by killing Gideon, using his powers as an Elder. He returned to be at the side of his family, possibly for good.

Leo has been hunting for Barbas since he teamed up with Gideon to find Wyatt in the Underworld, and he and the Charmed Ones suspects that Gideon may not be the only Elder who feels that Wyatt may turn evil. Leo had accidentally killed the Elder, Zola, who once tried to reach out to Leo to help him.

Leo was not trusted by the Whitelighter Elders, however, he had to return to his status, to prepare for the "Gathering Storm." Unfortunately, he and Piper had planned for him to move back in with them, but he felt that he was too dangerous.

Leo had joined the Avatars, and was granted great powers.

Leo had informed the Halliwell Sisters that he was an Avatar. Leo was a target for Agent Kyle Brody. However, Leo soon became aware that the world the Avatars wanted to make was not the nice world he had hoped for. To convince the sisters, Leo sacrificed himself by getting angry, thus forcing the Avatars to vanquish him (as the Avatars did too all who got angry). The sisters, realizing Leo was right, confronted the Avatars. The Halliwells, along with the Demon, Zankou, made the Avatars realize the errors of their ways. Time was then turned back to the point before the Avatars changed the world, and Leo was restored, although he no longer had his Avatar powers.

Now the Elders were left with the question of how to punish Leo for becoming an Avatar. They finally decided to relocate him on Earth and take away his memory. They said Leo would somehow find his way back and choose between rejoining his family, or becoming an Elder full time. However, the Elders cheated on this test and tricked Leo into rejoining them. However, when Phoebe and Paige confronted the Elders on this, Leo came with them. At that time, a dying Piper (she had been poisoned by a Thorn Demon) called out to Leo, urged on by Cole Turner. Leo heard her and chose to "fall from grace". Leo thus gave up his powers and his white lighter Elder status and became a mortal human, but he got his memory back. Leo then returned home to Piper and his two sons. What will happen to him now remains to be seen.

Piper and Phoebe had decided to have Leo become the new headmaster of Magic School, letting Paige go out into the world and try something new.

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