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The Sisters Four

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welcome to the unofficial charmed website
this has everything i updated it to the next episode of season 8
check out the page spoilers.

What's New?

.8x01 spoiler

The episode opens with a wake at the manor. Victor greets the mourners. The sisters are still morphing in order not to be uncovered. Victor is overwhelmed by all of this but the sisters remind him they are alive and free. Paul Haas, a darkly handsome man in his late 20’s, is at the manor and starts chatting with Victor asking if there was ever an official cause of death, if the police found Leo, etc. He seems to be interested in the manor as well… In the Underworld, a new generation of demons (in their 20s with rock star looks), rejoices when they learn the sisters are dead as no one, except other demons, will be able to stop them now. They want to establish a foothold in the mortal world and what better foothold then the manor? Agent Keyes is ready to go back to D.C. even though he admits the case isn’t really closed. He has Agent Murphy stay behind to keep an eye on things. An Elder visits Victor to talk about Wyatt and Chris. Victor is in charge of P3 but it seems Piper is somehow working there too. Elise, leprechauns, Little Wyatt, and Leo appear in the episode. It seems Mark McGrath’s character will be named Dex and will be in this episode. Kaley Cuoco's character seems to be named Billie, and if we are not mistaken about her character, she will be in this episode.
8x02 Malice in Wonderland

This episode will feature Phoebe narrating la Sex and the City. Per Piper's suggestion, Phoebe pursues Dex. She also ponders on her future child (which she saw in her vision quest). Haas and his gang, including a female demon named Black Heart, take possesion of the remains of Magic School. Haas still isn't sure the Charmed Ones are dead, which is why he has Black Heart lure teenagers to him by using the "Alice in Wonderland" tale in the hope it will force the sisters out of hiding if they are indeed alive. Billie is pursuing demons and missing teens. Paige gets arrested by a cop and while talking with the officer, she discovers that maybe becoming a cop could be an option for her... There are electricity problems at P3. The sisters are still posing as Julie, Jenny and Jo Bennet. Leo is also in this episode.


8x03 Run, Piper, Run

The Charmed Ones will be joined this season by Kaley Cuoco, star of the hit comedy “8 Simple Rules.” Cuoco will play Billie, a young witch under the tutelage of Phoebe, Piper and Paige. Also on Charmed, a handsome new face will be conjured up when Jason Lewis (who played Smith, Samantha's gorgeous boy toy in “Sex And The City”) guest stars in a six-episode arc as Dex, an artist who has admired Phoebe from afar but never worked up the courage to ask her out. Now, Phoebe tries to form a relationship with Dex – especially after she has a premonition that she will marry him. Source: The WB


No Mark McGrath on Charmed. They say he can't do it with his Extra job. Jason Lewis is the replacement.

8x01 Glamouring girls

The sisters and Leo cast a spell so that only their loved ones can see their true identities. Everyone else will see them differently and believe they are the Charmed Ones' cousins, Julie, Jenny and Jo Bennet. The new order of demons mentioned earlier are named the Young Turks.


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